It’s time to get pumped up for some sick stats from LakeChallenge 3. As you can see in the attached pic, 647 fish were submitted, but trust us – there were way more caught but nor reported (no upgrades).

Zander dominated in terms of sheer numbers, but pike took the crown for size and quality.

We’re talking 23 fish over 100 cm and a whopping 6 over 110 cm (the biggest being a beastly 116 cm).

Perch were also killin’ it with 54 fish over 40 cm and 15 tanks over 45 cm. Can you even handle it? A few fish even hit that 48 cm mark. No big deal. We round down on the sizes just to keep it real.

Zander were also plentiful (including a 84 cm monster!), but only 12 hit the 70 cm mark.

Do these stats get you hyped or what? Lake Challenge is where it’s at for both quantity and quality of fish.

We can’t wait to see what the competition brings in 2023. Those 3 days of fishing in June are gonna be epic!