Lake Challenge 4 is a boat teams competition organised by Smart Angling Group Ltd. It consists of three separate events on Rutland Water. 

Lake Challenge 4 is scheduled for the first weekend of June 2023. Between 1st and 4th June 2023 LC competitors will spend a total of 4 days on the boats fighting for the title of the Lake Challenge best team. Lake Challenge 4 starts with a training session, followed by the series’s grand opening competition the next day. 

International mix creates a unique atmosphere, giving our competitors an opportunity to not only win a prize but also to build bridges between anglers from different countries around Europe.

  • 01/06/23 Training (Optional) – NO RODS
  • 02/06/23 Competition Day
  • 03/06/23 Competition Day
  • 04/06/23 Competition Day

Lake Challenge overall Scoring:

The winners of the overall Lake Challenge Series will have the longest score from the 2 biggest Pike, the 4 biggest Zander, and the 5 biggest Perch and these can be caught from ANY of the three rounds.

An individual fish can only count one time per match day. A double catch (same fish on the same day) will only count one time!

  • Pike: minimum size: 50 cm
  • Zander: minimum size: 35 cm
  • Perch: minimum size: 25 cm

For ALL RULES that applies during competiton please follow the link below:

Tickets schedlue.

Total price: £490 / PER TEAM OF 2 ANGLERS

Step 1.

£140 deposit – to be paid to secure your place in the competition. It is also a pre-payment for the 2nd and the 3rd event.

Step 2.

£200 – this amount is to be paid between 13th March and the 10th April 2023.

Step 3.

£150 – final payment to be made by the 10th May 2023.


Rutland Water Fishing Lodge, LE15 8HD