Lake Challenge is a team boat competition organised by Smart Angling Group Ltd. who have an absolute control and discretion over the competition, rules and T&Cs.

Lake Challenge consists of three separate events at Rutland Water. Each event is scheduled on a different day of the weekend. It starts with a training session, followed by the series’s grand opening competition the next day. Teams spend 4 days on the boats, fighting for the title of the best team in 2023. The international mix creates a unique atmosphere, giving our competitors an opportunity to not only win a prize but also to build bridges between anglers from several countries around Europe. 

General information.

The event is held at Rutland Water. Lake Challenge 4 is scheduled for the first weekend of June 2023, between 1st and 4th. Lake Challenge competitors spend a total of 4 days on the boats.

  • 01/06/23 – Training (Optional)
  • 02/06/23 – Competition Day
  • 03/06/23 – Competition Day
  • 04/06/23 – Competition Day

The team is formed by two anglers who need to catch the fish themselves.

The team needs to take a picture (using the Lake Challenge App.) of the fish on the measuring board provided by the organisator.

Once the photo is taken, the fish should immediately be released alive.

Overall scoring.

The winners of the overall Lake Challenge Series will have the highest score from 2 biggest Pike, 4 biggest Zander and 5 biggest Perch, and these can be caught at ANY of the 3 competition days.

An individual fish can only count one time per match day. A double catch (same fish) will only count one time!

  • Pike: minimum size: 50 cm
  • Zander: minimum size: 35 cm
  • Perch: minimum size: 25 cm

The Lake Challenge 4 series is made up of:

  • 1st Day 01/06/2023: Training / No rods
  • 2nd Day 02/06/2023: Competition (1)
  • 3rd Day 03/06/2023: Competition (2)
  • 4th Day 04/06/2023: Competition (3)

Scores Jungle app. Photos and backup photos.

  • Each participant will download the Scores Jungle App on his / her smartphone.
  • Over the 3 competition days, the pictures will be made & uploaded with the Scores Jungle App only.
  • The picture must show the measuring board, including the team unique ticket number.
  • In case of a loose of the official LC measuring board or the unique ticket you have to update the organizer (either by phone or face-to-face), to prevent your team from disqualification.
  • In case of a loose of the official LC measuring in an exceptional situation, you can use your own, which will be verified by the referees after end of the day of the competition. 
  • Each picture must be taken & sent within the time (start and finish) in the competition time.
  • Back-up photos can be given max 2 hours after the competition day is over.
  • Back-up pictures given later than 2 hours after the competition day ends, will expire and won’t count for the competition results! This applies only on the day that the fish was caught and the picture was taken.
  • Taking pictures of the fish (measurement) can be in a vertical or horizontal position with the measuring board.
  • The fish should be photographed from its left side only. From head to tail, with its lips against the top of the board.Fish-belly down to the person taking a photo.  If the lips are not against the top of the board (tape) the fish will be ranked at least 1 cm shorter.
  • For the best results the pictures must be made while holding your phone in a vertical (stand-up) position.
  • Making the perfect picture is users responsibility. The Scores Jungle App provides a zoom & retake option.

Start of the competition.

  • During the daily start procedures, all teams must follow all instructions given by the organization. 
  • It’s not allowed to start before the “start signal” is given by the organization.
  • Teams who don’t follow the start instructions given by the organization can be disqualified or given a time penalty.

End of the competition.

  • The finish time is always binding and corresponds to the competition program unless told differently by the main organizer.
  • Teams who don’t follow the finish instructions given by the organiser can be disqualified or given a time penalty.

General fishing rules.

  • All anglers must carry an unhooking mat and tools.
  • The length of the fish needs to be rounded down (for example 51.3 cm = 51 cm, 51.8 cm = 51 cm).
  • Fishing is on boats only. (Please keep 50 meters distance between boats and 100 meters from the bank anglers).
  • Fishing is with artificial lures only (“dead rod” , multi rigs, feathers, umbrella style rigs are not allowed).
  • Ban for using spinners. Anyone caught using spinners will be disqualified from the whole Lake Challenge series.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Only one rod can be used per angler at any one time (you can have spare rods on the boat).
  • Trolling is not allowed.
  • Electric motors outboards are allowed.
  • No alcohol is allowed during competition or breaks.
  • No anchoring in the Water Tower area.
  • No fishing in nature reserves.
  • Any fish that is foul-hooked don’t count. Only fish hooked in the head area counts.
  • All competitors must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod license.
  • The organiser cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained whilst taking part in the event.
  • Boat fishing can be dangerous and organisers take no responsibility for matters of safety. Life jackets must be worn at all times.
  • The organisers will carry out checks during the competition.
  • The organisers reserve the right the disqualify any individual, (from a single event or the whole series) if the participant has been known to break any of the Lake Challenge rules, or if found to be acting in an unsportsmanlike like manner.