📣 The official Lake Challenge 4 results are out and they’ve made quite a splash in the UK fishing community! 🎣 This year’s competition has raised the bar high, leaving a lasting impact and a challenging landscape for our anglers.

Here are the astounding results & statistics that have both amazed and shaken the UK fishing scene.

🏅TOP 7 Teams:

1st Place – TEAM 3: Andy Page & Charlie Coppolo

2nd Place – TEAM 14: Thom Hunt & Kevin Cox

3rd Place – TEAM 2: Lee Brackley & Daniel Brackley

4th Place – TEAM 5: Serhii Vasylchyshyn & Nickolay Horobets

5th Place – TEAM 10: Dan Clostre & Jakub Tadych

6th Place – TEAM 9: Jakub Osiecki & Sylwek Radawiec

7th Place – TEAM 7: Mariusz Dudek & Dave Goude

🏆 The longest pike was caught by Lee Brackley, measuring an astounding 114 cm!

🏆 Jakub Tadych brought in the longest perch at an impressive 50 cm! – LC RECORD

🏆Andy Page took the crown for the longest zander, reeling in a beast at 83 cm!

Full results are available here: Results 2023