Lake Challenge is an individual series of boat competitions organised by Smart Angling Group and Polish Anglers Association.  

It consists of three separate events on Rutland Water. Each event is scheduled on a different calendar month, giving contestants 5 months of an exciting experience.

Lake Challenge 3 competitors spend a total of 4 days on the boats, fighting for the title of the Lake Challenge Winner 2022. The international mix creates a unique atmosphere, giving our competitors an opportunity to not only win a prize but also to build bridges between anglers from different countries around Europe.  

Lake Challenge overall Scoring:

The winner of the overall Lake Challenge Series will have the longest score from the 2 biggest Pikes, the 4 biggest Zanders, and the 5 biggest Perch and these can be caught from ANY of the rounds.

An individual fish can only count one time per match day. A double catch (same fish) will only count one time!

Pike: minimum size: 50 cm
Zander: minimum size: 35 cm
Perch: minimum size: 25 cm

The Lake Challenge series is made up of 4 individual competitions:

1 – Part 1 – Zander Challenge (best 7 Zander) First Day 
2 – Part 2 – Pike Challenge (best 3 Pike) Second Day  
3 – Part 3 – Perch (best 7 Perch)
4 – Part 4 – Final (big fish)

For example, if you catch a large pike or perch during the Zander Challenge, it cannot count towards your Zander Challenge total, but it CAN count towards your Lake Challenge total.

For example, the winner of Zander challenge will have the biggest total points from their largest 7 Zander. The points are determined by the length of the fish – 1 point per cm.

Lake Challenge 2022 – Rutland Water:

  • 28th & 29th May – Part One and Part Two – Zander Challenge & Pike Challenge
  • 11th September – Part Three – Perch Challenge
  • 2nd October – Part Four – Big Fish FINAL (Pike, Zander, Perch)