It is time to reveal some top secret information regarding the second edition of Lake Challenge. To start with let us announce that all 3 events will take place at Rutland Water. The first event will be 2 days long, so make sure you reserve a weekend of the 19th and 20th of June 2021 to attempt this part of the competition. The grand opening of the Lakes Challenge will be super unique, as it will be the first time Rutland Water will host such an event in June! We will see you again on the 12th of September and the 10th on October for the final- both times on Rutland Water. The main rules of the competition remain the same as the last year. 2 largest pikes, 3 zanders and 5 perch will be summed up toward the final score. Every event will be focused on a different goal, just as the last time. The Lake Challenge Rules will be slightly changed, as a result of our previous experience and feedback form the experts, so it will be important for you to have a proper ready through T&C. Every week we will share the competition’s update on the Lake Challenge fanpage. Stay tuned!